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Marcus Pierce, 37, a celebrity fitness trainer and creative director, wants to find his wife.

“It was all about learning how the guys were looking at women, how they look at their profile pages,” says Shari Levine, Bravo’s senior vice president of current production and original programming. It’s a real inside look into how this group of guys judge people.” The good news is, Levine says she learned that men are pretty honest in their own profiles about their relationship interests.

My eyes captured the disappointment that flashed for a second on his face, then drifted to his lips. “I just have to go to the bathroom quick and then we can be on our way,” he said giving me a reassuring smile. People are weaving their way around us while we kiss, but we don’t care who sees us or who is around us. “I don’t want to leave you,” he says intently, “I just met you and I must see you again! He turns to go up the stairs towards the c-train station. He’s different.” She just laughs at me and says, “yes, I know, I love you too! It was a good night, but my mind is filled with doubt that we will ever connect again. His flight was delayed and now they would not leave until late Saturday night. ‘That’s too bad, but awesome at the same time because now we can see each other again! My mind muses over these questions, but I snap myself back to the present and refocus on the story he is telling me.

“I’ll wait upstairs,” I said pleasantly with a smile, as I walked towards the stairs wanting to escape the disappointment and sexual frustration that now hung in the air. We are still in our own little world of infatuation, lust, and desire. Did you want to come back to my place and help me pack? Our eyes don’t leave one another as we watch each other for as long as we can through the crowds of people, both being led away from one another by our friends. Let’s go find this guy I’ve been texting.” I sigh, turn and take one last look at him. ” I didn’t respond until the morning as I was off partying, running away from a creepy dude down a darkened street in Calgary who was following me despite my constant switching of streets, and being rescued by Steven. ‘My flight has been delayed.’ His message flashed across my screen and I almost dropped the phone. I sigh happily and a smile spreads across my lips as I intently watch his mannerisms while he speaks, eats, and looks at me.

And that one’s better than Plenty Of Fish, which is a little more seedy — it kind of reminds me of Craigslist.” Pay sites such as Match and e Harmony, he says, attract women looking for serious relationships.

The key for looking for the same level of commitment (or lack thereof) is to check out a potential mate’s answers to a site’s questionnaire.

Our brown eyes met and searched through each other’s soul for the go ahead to continue this further. I took a deep breath and shakily whispered, “We should probably go on that walk we were going to go on…” My voice trailed away as I turned my head, looked at the door then back at him, and smiled weakly. He looked at the door, took a deep breath, and peeled his body off of mine. ” My friend Leslie blurts out snapping us out of our fantasy world and reality slams us back amid the chaos of the Calgary Stampede closing foray of people. I feel like pinching myself because he is so incredibly handsome I can’t believe I am sitting across the table from him.The show, which premieres March 9, follows two men each week in their quest to find a match online.Alex Stein, an entrepreneur, is a 27-year-old who is just looking for a hookup.I reflected on our chance encounter the night before… ” “I don’t want to leave you either, and I would LOVE to come help you pack! I turn to Leslie and say in an annoyed voice, “OMG, you know I’m your bestie and I love you right?!? He’s watching me with those beautiful deep brown eyes. He waves back, then he disappeared for what I thought was forever. The next morning I awoke and sent him a simple message, ‘Ditto! I study the lines on his face, his soulful brown eyes, and his lips as they form the words he speaks.We met during the Calgary stampede in a crowded beer garden at pm on Friday night. Maybe we can pack me into your suitcase and I can go with you to Toronto! ” I laugh at the thought, “But I can’t leave her drunk ass wandering around. I would love to spend every moment with you before you leave! I’m in Calgary quite a bit so we can meet up again when I come back,” he insists. We pose for a few more pictures Leslie takes with her camera, then she grabs my hand and tries to drag me away with her. Further into the evening he texted me, “Hi beautiful! A question drifts across my brain as I begin to wonder if this will last.

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When we came up for air, I was dizzy, and had to shake my head to stop it from spinning. ‘No problem, I’ll text you the address of the house and you can come get me, we returned our rental car already s0 I don’t have a ride.’ ‘Sounds good! Then I stared at my screen as to what just transpired and I was in shock. And now here I was making out with him in his basement. Thankfully the food comes out quickly because I notice that he is getting hangry.

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