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She and Anthony dated from October 10, 2010 to November 2014 (as stated in their official break-up video).

Before she dated Anthony, Kalel had two You Tube channels, Kalel Cullen TV and Queen Beeuty.

Then, she revealed that she would be starting a new channel called Watch Us Live And Stuff with Anthony, which consisted of vlogs, tags and challenges posted almost daily.

After only one and a half months of starting, with 45 videos, the channel had already reached 500,000 subscribers.

She posted mostly vlogs, advice, and opinions on Kalel Cullen TV and beauty videos on Queen Beeuty.

In her last Queen Beeuty video, she announced she would no longer make beauty videos but would post a video once or twice a month on her new channel Cozplai, where she would becreating tutorials showing how to make cosplay costumes for her favorite characters.

(See: Anthony Padilla and Kalel Smith Controversy) Kalel has only appeared in three Smosh videos: "HOW TO DUMP YOUR GIRLFRIEND! " & "If Video Games Were Real 2" as the in-suit Jigglypuff. After a month of being friends, they started dating on October 10, 2010.

Pondo - Anthony's Mother - Sadie Padilla - Lou Ferrigno - Adrian Hecox-Hendrix - Vader - Justin Bieber - Stevechen - Bob Roberts - Dr.At the time they assured viewers that they were still friends, despite the fact that they hadn't done any known videos together since separating.In Anthony's second Draw My Life video, he revealed that his relationship with Kalel had been manipulative, and he now feels that she mostly used him throughout their time together.Cozplai did not achieve more than 100,000 subscribers during its running period.After a few months of Cozplai, Kalel felt that the channel was too much work and did not like the idea of putting on makeup on camera, and decided to start a new channel called Wonderland Wardrobe in between September and October 2012, consisting of DIY, vlogs and fashion videos.

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By June 2013, the channel reached 400,000 subscribers.

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