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Men are into it because they see it in porn, and in magazines. Use 69 as foreplay and make the main course something more intimate.The Biggest Questions Women Have About Sex [] If you are wondering why you can’t reach orgasm during intercourse you are not alone.Lou says if a woman has lost elasticity in her clitoris or labia during menopause, stem cells or platelet-rich plasma (PRP’s) can be injected locally to bring back the fullness of tissue and improve bladder control function.Men can use stem cells to alleviate erectile issues.I'm very sorry to hear about your history of premature ejaculation (PE). The best treatment is the 'sexual re-education' programme developed by Masters and Johnson in the 1970s.They claimed a 98 per cent cure rate – though I must add that the success rate among my own patients has been a bit less (around 80 per cent).Rough never expected to write a book about sex, but life handed her a revelation too vital to ignore.

If they are stressed, on medication or not frequently masturbating it will be something a female partner needs to consider.

Yours sincerely Dr David Delvin, GP Has my cancer operation left me unable to ejaculate?

His spinal cord condition affects his ejaculation I always 'come' too quickly I can't ejaculate during love play or sex I ejaculate in my sleep I have no feeling when I orgasm I have tried various techniques to treat my premature ejaculation but none of them seem to work I haven’t been able to come I orgasm too quickly I think my man suffers from delayed ejaculation If a man has had both testicles removed can he still climax and ejaculate?

In the early 1990’s, she began organizing women’s focus groups on sex.

She “turns on” the world with accurate information about sex.


My boyfriend cannot ejaculate when we have sex My husband gets a headache on climaxing – is this normal?

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