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Who is robin roberts dating

Robin became a speaker for ®’s 12th annual Extraordinary Healer event.Her speech encouraged people to fight against breast cancer and to undergo the medication.Amber also met up with Robin at Elton John's Oscar bash in February.6.Age Gap: Robin's longtime girlfriend is a bit younger than the daytime television host.It seemed like diseases are Robin's best friends as she was diagnosed again with another disease.

It has to be said that after battling through two life-threatening diseases, Robin is a gutted personality to make a resounding comeback in the field of journalism.

On 31 August 2018, she posted a picture with her mother on Instagram captioning she missed her mom who left Robin's side six years ago. Back in 2007, Robin was diagnosed with the early stage of breast cancer.

She was living a happy life until she noticed a lump in her right breast.

News confirms that Roberts and Laign, a Bay Area native, met through mutual friends (who are, apparently, some fantastic matchmakers).2.

The Right Touch: According to Laign's Linked In account, she studied massage therapy at The Swedish Institute of Health Sciences for a year in 2008, and specializes in Deep Tissue, Swedish, Myofascial Release and Trigger Point.4. Before opting to become a licensed massage therapist (a career she's been doing for four years now), Laign worked as a sales representative for Berger & Stevens (a showroom that displays "unique collections of evening wear, separates, sportswear, and accessories which they can then proudly present to the nation's finest specialty stores") for nine years.

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