Who is michael baisden dating

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Who is michael baisden dating

And (3) He’s trying to find an easy way to dump her because he’s not attracted to her, the sex was whack, or she’s boring!

To all the sexy and confident women over 40, I salute you!He might be bringing resources into the home that the woman needs or they could be pooling their money together to buy something together.But the question is do women respect me who move into their space? Now you can tune-in and hear the latest from Baisden himself on his Podcast Show. Deep Ball Sports Podcast SHORT, DINK AND & DUNK? Renowned radio personality Michael Baisden is undeniably one of the most influential and engaging personalities in radio history.

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And…Is it possible that “The Side Piece” is the reason why some men are able to tolerate their relationships and marriages?