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He never wears matching socks, as he says they are bad luck, which he learned from his grandmother. I think if my heart rate slowed it would affect my constitution, strangely. I really cite Walt Disney as teaching me everything I know. In 'Bambi,' the mother dies, but you don't see the corpse.

The one time he wore matching socks, he was filming a scene in The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou (2004). You see the father, the stag, come up and you see 'Bambi' alone, and that has so much more impact than seeing a mutilated deer. I haven't been cast in a pilot.' It doesn't mean you're not good; it just means someone hasn't seen you yet.

I just couldn't be happier that people seem to like what I'm doing and seem to respond to it.

Some of his other film acting credits include (500) Days of Summer (2009), Life After Beth (2014), and the cult hit comedy Suburban Gothic (2014) for which he was awarded the 2015 Best Actor Award by Screamfest.

It’s almost impossible to keep track of how many times they broke up and reconciled because it happened so frequently.

Since these two seem to be on the brink of getting back together, check out 10 things you didn’t know about their rocky romance.

Tisch has a great film program and a great acting program, but they are segregated; you don't really intertwine.

My peers knew I liked acting, so they'd be like, 'Go get that guy Gubler.

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The paintings are also sold off quickly in the relevant amount due to its popularity. Hence, Matthew Gray Gubler net worth surely records on million figures.