Who is dating who on vanderpump rules

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Who is dating who on vanderpump rules

The only problem was that she lived in Vegas and he lived in L. Throughout the course of their relationship, she was a pretty good girlfriend to Jax.

She was the one who booked him and his friends a hotel room in San Diego where he ended up (reportedly) cheating on her with some random girl. , but that kind of fell apart during season four when his prescription drug addiction and his alcohol abuse, which Scheana never even noticed, suddenly became a plot point.

Instead, it ended up causing Laura Leigh a lot of pain. After Jax dumped her, she found out that she got a small role in the Jennifer Aniston film 6 Jax obviously did like Carmen, just not enough to be exclusive with her.When they hooked up, Kristen had just broken up with Tom Sandoval and was still pretty hung up on him, and James obviously saw this as his opportunity to get on the show.While he initially seemed to care for Kristen, that quickly changed as he seemed to become emotionally abusive with her when he was drinking. During one of their fights, she ended up slapping him when he wouldn’t leave her alone.Lisa Vanderpump is a British actress, author, and restaurateur.She is famous for her roles on Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Vanderpump Rules, and ABC’s Dancing with the Stars.

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