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magazine, in which Beyoncé interviewed Solange, the "Halo" singer asked her younger sibling, "…

honestly, growing up, how did I do as a big sister? You were the most patient, loving, wonderful sister ever.

Beyoncé had a unique relationship with her sister during their early years because — lets face it — she was a very busy girl and an international diva-in-training.

Her time was also consumed with hanging out with her best friend and group member, Kelly Rowland, who lived with the Knowles in their family home. "[Rowland's] mother was a nanny for another family, so Kelly lived with us when they first moved from Atlanta. However, she found it tough having to share her actual sister with Rowland.

"I'm sure if we were closer in age we wouldn't have gotten along so great," Solange said to the website.

Beyoncé and Solange Knowles have a lot in common in terms of their music careers, but that might be where the similarities end.

They each took different paths after their formative years, with Beyoncé attaining international superstardom and Solange becoming a single mom and a divorcée by the time she was 21 years old. In the candid Q&A session, the sisters chatted back and forth just like regular siblings, but with one major difference: Beyoncé fangirled over her sister the entire time.

"They were coming to beat him up," Solange said, "but it was Destiny's Child coming to beat him up." "She was and is such a role model," Solange began, "but I think more so it was an insane learning process for me to have a big sister like that — to be able to see the good, the bad and everything in between that comes with fame and success, and to know what I was getting myself into." However, even though she admires her sister and all that she has accomplished, Solange would never want to trade places with Queen Bey. "I really enjoy my privacy and being able to walk my son to school every morning and pick him up every afternoon," she said. She's such a fashionista — she'll get used to it." Solange finally conceded, thanks to the encouragement from her big sister, but she admitted the city took her some getting used to, especially the "intensity of the moms" in her Carroll Gardens neighborhood.

But prior to that alleged purchase, they were reportedly living in an unknown location on the East Coast, and Beyoncé was desperately trying to convince Solange to make a move to the New York City borough. "Everyone does so much yoga and drinks so much tea," Solange joked to the publication.

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Sometimes Blue Ivy stays at Solange's house, and, at other times, Solange's son, Daniel Julez Smith Jr., spends time in the Knowles-Carter household. "I didn't want to be in the delivery room, because I thought I would never want to [give birth]," Beyoncé said.