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Who is chad kroeger dating 2016

In 2007, Chad Kroeger worked with Santana for a second time, when he co-wrote and recorded guitar and vocals parts for a new song meant to appear on the compilation album Ultimate Santana.

The track is called "Into the Night" and was released as a single on October 2, 2007.

Kroeger has continued to record and tour with this successful band for more than 20 years.

In 2001, Kroeger, with the help of lawyer Jonathan Simkin, founded the band The Suits XL.

Band members included Sam Loubier-Demers and Yohann Gosselin on vocals and guitars, drummer Patrick Paquet, keyboardist Felix-Antoine Berube and singer Oliver Roy de Belleval.

The next year, he co-founded the Vancouver, British Columbia-based 604 Records.

In 1995, Kroeger, Peake, Mike Kroeger, and then drummer Brandon Kroeger, formed the band Nickelback.

However, when Arista decided to release the song as a single in the summer of 2012, Kroeger's label Roadrunner refused to give permission out of concerns that the release would take away from the excitement being generated around Nickelback's fall 2003 release, The Long Road.

In 2007, Chad again worked with Santana when he co-wrote and recorded vocals for a new song intended for the compilation album Ultimate Santana.

Kroeger, along with Saliva vocalist Josey Scott, Theory of a Deadman lead vocalist (serving as guitarist for this track) Tyler Connolly and Our Lady Peace drummer Jeremy Taggart, performed the theme song titled "Hero" for the hit movie Spider-Man in 2002.

Also in 2002, Kroeger wrote and sang on "Why Don't You & I" for Santana's Shaman.

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