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The new group’s logo – an eagle rendered in red, white and blue with its extended wings framing the AIM emblem – is nearly identical to that of Patriot Front (PF), a white nationalist group headed by Thomas Rousseau that broke off from the explicitly fascist Vanguard America in the wake of “Unite the Right.” AIM’s pilfering of PF’s aesthetic brought criticism from other members of the racist “alt-right” who have long resented IE for its self-serious posturing.“This wouldn’t be nearly as funny to me if these guys weren’t the group who are constantly bragging about how much more intelligent and visionary they are than everybody else in the movement,” Matthew Parrott, host of a white nationalist podcast and former spokesman for the now-defunct Traditionalist Worker Party (TWP), tweeted in the aftermath of Casey’s announcement.Instead of IE’s Greco-Roman imagery, AIM’s posters recycle American turn-of-the-century and Cold War propaganda.But their imagery looks familiar for other reasons, too.Casey regularly accuses journalists who call them a white nationalist group of “mischaracterizing us.” But, behind the scenes, there was an ongoing effort to establish a consistent branding strategy that obscured the group’s racist views.They hoped, as Casey put it, to generate “cutting edge, headline-grabbing stances (without being explicitly racial).” “I think it’s a good strategy to not use the word ‘ethnostate’ and instead focus on ‘getting the demographics back on track,'” a member posting under the name “Attrition in the desert” wrote.“It sounds smart.” “Saying words to sound smart is kinda of [sic] a weird strategy because if they’re actually ‘intellectual’ they might just be unimpressed,” another member responded.

“I used a sock [fake] email account to report flyers in a recent campaign,” a member from New Jersey wrote.Slack is already your internal communication backbone and employees your best asset.We bring customers conversations right in your Slack so all employees can answer in a snap and deliver exceptional support without switching between applications.However your customers like to communicate with you, we direct every external communication channel to Slack.Deal with inbound ticket requests in Slack — live chat, email, phone, SMS, social media."We wanted to let our customers feel that they had our support and attention.

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In their Discord chats, members of IE mocked Patriot Front and TWP, calling them “terrible groups” with “terrible optics.” Despite Identity Evropa’s efforts to differentiate themselves from other segments of the white nationalist movement with their tony aesthetic and faux-academic jargon, their Discord chats show that their views were essentially the same as any other group in the alt-right.