Warcraft dating service

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Warcraft dating service

As soon as he gets it out, he is met with a glimmering band of gold jewellery.

Upon closer examination, Khadgar sees that his and Songweaver’s names are etched in it.

His eyes widen and stares from the ring to Songweaver for a few seconds before abruptly getting out of his seat, pushing the finely crafted wooden chair backwards and making it topple over.

Songweaver’s eyes narrows before he takes a couple of swift strides and is in front of Khadgar. “You should be ashamed, you disgusting, immoral fool! I did all these nice, wonderful things for you, and you dare to repay me with rejection?!

The Karazhan Dating Service seems to be just as legendary as all his friends and acquaintances told him; a service that offers the best advice as well as guarantees a partner.

Medivh looks at Khadgar again and puts his hands together. ” he asks, handing him a sheet that was tucked away behind Songweaver’s profile.

It is rather sound advice, and he’s grateful that it was given to him.Here’s his number and some information for your perusal.The next time you come in, tell me how it went.”Songweaver smoothly makes an order for himself and Khadgar as if he’s been there several times and knows the menu by heart.Gold trimmings almost matches his smooth, golden locks and brings attention to his astonishingly emerald eyes.For a second, Khadgar is reminded of someone else’s amused eyes.

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His hands are poised to take one of the many books set out in front of him.

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