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Videochat cuckold

***** Chapter One - Understanding, but Not Dawning This chapter switches back to Joe's viewpoint.Smiling devilishly now, she said, "Now you get it, don't you Joe?She can keep Derrick and his desires happy, while I keep his love.Kristi is obviously in love with you, but also craves things you have not—and cannot - give her.The name comes from a story told by Herodotus in his Histories about Candaule (from which the term “candaulismo” derives), king of Lydia in the eighth century BC, who secretly showed his naked wife to his bodyguard Gyges.

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By fuck, she even somehow managed to not only take all his dick into that itsy bitsy pussy of hers, but she fucking loved it. "Better yet, the rougher we treated her, the more she loved it.

Even more, the filthier the names we used to degrade her, the crazier she got for more.

If this subject matter offends you, then you have been fairly warned.

Finally, all characters in this story are of legal age and beyond.

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