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We assume that you have some experience developing applications using Domino Designer and Lotus Script.In the first method, if the field contains any input (even only a single space character), then it can pass the validation.var validate Text Areas = function() You would call this method during your form validation.It assumes that all textareas on your form must be non-blank but you could easily change that if needed.This is a good source of info Startv20/aspnet/doc/validation/second option is to find all textboxes and display the message Required field validators would work great.However, if you prefer a j Query solution you could try something like this.Field Get Text( "rtfield" ) = "" ) Then Messagebox( "Please enter some text." ) Call Source.

To make the web browser check that a field is not empty, you will need to add a call to your validation function when the form is submitted.

The second method validates a field in which at least some non-space text is required.

The third method validates a field that may contain no text, but may contain an attachment, embedded object, or link.

This would apply an error css class to highlight your required fields and display an appropriate message to the user.

With a little work you could easily turn this into a j Query helper method that you could reuse in all sorts of situations.

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If the field contains input (even if it consists solely of one or more space characters), then validation succeeds.