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Note The procedures in this guide do not include instructions for cases in which the User Account Control dialog box opens to request your permission to continue.

If this dialog box opens while you are performing the procedures in this guide, and if the dialog box was opened in response to your actions, click Continue.

ITD will enhance its security using WPA2 in the future.

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What ever you send can be simply sniffed by unauthorized hacker.

Use the following information along with the product documentation provided by the wireless AP manufacturer to configure your wireless APs.

This procedure enumerates items commonly configured on a wireless AP.

Enter again your credential info if required Windows Vista not recommended by IIUM Wi Fi admin - use at your own risk.

The best way is to use normal Windows XP, Macintosh (Mac Book) or Ubuntu 8.04 The registration setup is complicated just because to ensure that all traffic travel in the air is encrypted and secured.

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If it doesn't help, you can just open the Dell WLAN utility, check the 'Let this tool' box again and it will be back like it was before.

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