Validating cancel true

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Validating cancel true

By checking the Dialog Result, we can bypass validation and allow the form to close when the user clicks on the cancel button or the X button in the upper right hand corner of the form’s window.

Next we call the form’s Validate Children method which will trigger validation for all the controls contained in the form.

You may need mandatory information (i.e., a CC that can't be left blank), or a phone number/SSN in a proper format, or some other rigid data format. Text = "" Else If Val(str Temp) Int(Val(str Temp)) Then Msg Box "" & str Temp & "" & " is not a whole number. With a functional On Exit event your ability to validate CC data is practically limitless.

Let's add five more CCs to our document and title them "Name," "Whole Number," "SSN," "Pass Code," and "Phone Number." With the exception of "Name," which we will make a mandatory field, the other titles illustrate that a specific data format is required. Showing Placeholder Text = True Or Not Is Numeric(str Temp) Then Msg Box "" & str Temp & "" & " is not a valid number. You can create your own validation module as shown above or download and use a copy of the document I used to create this tips page. I hope you have found this Microsoft Word Tips page informative and helpful.

Now in the final part of this series we will discuss how to validate the form as a whole.

How to Trigger Validation when the Form is Closing: If you have worked with validation in the past, you may have noticed that the unfocused controls do not trigger validation when the form closes.

You can then import these modules from your storage folder into your projects as required.his Microsoft Word Help & Microsoft Word Tips page illustrates the bug and shows you how to work around it. You simply entered CC1 but the Exit event appeared to fire. When you reopened the document the "Home" tab is active ("Developer" tab is no long the active tab).When you've killed the bug then you can effectively use the Document_Content Control On Exit to validate Content Control entries To illustrate this "Bug" you can create a new document, add some introductory text and then add several CCs. The bug is associated with the active state of the Home tab and the presence of the "Cut" command in the Clipboard group of that tab. This time before you click CC1, click the "Developer" tab. Things will continue to work as long as the Home tab is not the active tab.For example let's add three CCs and title them CC1, CC2 and CC3 respectively. You will see the appropriate message box display as expected. This requirement makes serious validation of content controls entries using the On Exit event practically impossible!!This has been an issue since the application was released nearly 10 years ago.

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