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With that caveat in mind, despite this limitation, we are still able to capture a sizable number of censored posts and perform analysis on them.

In our set of censored posts, in addition to the categories of posts past researchers have identified as targeted for censorship on Chinese social media (particularly articles related to collective action, censorship, and pornography), we find numerous posts which relate to government policies and news—with particular emphasis on corruption—categories which King, Pan and Roberts found not to be substantially censored across various Chinese social media platforms.

This finding may be an indication of We Chat’s exceptionalism, reflective of a shift in official censorship mandates, or other reasons, including strong automatic review filtering mechanisms preventing certain types of content from being published in the first place.

Furthermore, among the commonly deleted posts are numerous ones that can be categorized as rumors, fake news, and superstitions.

We Chat, known as Weixin in China, is by far the country’s most popular messaging app with 500 million users.

Censors will close offending accounts for one week for each infraction, until the fourth.Also out are stories of "wife-swapping, sexual abuse, and other harmful information." The same goes for explicit pictures and text, such as nude photos and erotic anime, all of which are now banned on We Chat.Users who ignore the ban will be subject to a one-week suspension the first time they're caught.Much research has been done studying the relationship between media control and authoritarian regime durability.In this report, we examine one method of online information control by the world’s most sophisticated regulator of the Internet, China.

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Some of China’s largest Internet companies deleted 60,000 online accounts in February because they were linked to the spreading of rumors, pornography and terrorism, the CAC said.

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