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Once I had ensured there wasn't more than one use of the instructions I was interested in I could be sure I had the only execution-path that used those instructions (sometimes you'll find multiple occurrences and you might be caught out by analysing a code-path that isn't used in practice!

With that knowledge I knew I could write a tool to alter a predictable memory location in NVRAM and it would be 'safe' on all models with similar Phoenix BIOSes.

The first problem I encounted was that I didn't have a . This was easily solved once I found out that the BIOS chip is memory mapped just below 4G.

I wrote a simple C program that dumps this area using /dev/mem on Linux.

It must be somewhere there so I suspect the code may be in separate function, somewhere outside the BIOS, or possibly obfuscated. y.0.0you discover where this second checksum is located. I only found one show-killer - a single register will pop up a red line and asks something like: "Do you really want to enable Service/Rescue Mode?

I've chosen the rather stupid trial/error path to enable VT via nvram: I've posted on the vmware forums, but will quote my posts below, in case they disappear there. e ID=748766 There is a tool out there, called symcmos from Phoenix Ltd, e.g. y.0.0I own a SZ1XP (architecture is very similar to other VAIOs based on Intel Core Duo (2)) and used it to enable the VT feature by means of a dos bootdisk and dumping my original cmos settings: symcmos -v2 editing register 399 from [0000] to [0001] and loaded the modified settings back: symcmos -v2 Now the catch: this register is possibly only valid for my model and the latest available Bios (R0092N0) for it - so it's still somewhat risky to find the correct register by trial/error. (y/n)" -- don't get tempted, it's a trick (or an old leftover or something else): if you press 'y', anything which prints more than a few lines out will freeze the system - even the bios menu itself.

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Would you please be so kind as to tell me how you managed the BIOS trace you reported?