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Once the system Shows this error then system will not be able to complete the Boot Process due to which you are not able to use the system.

The DMI is an abstract layer which is use to manage the computer hardware and software.

Clearing the CMOS battery will effectively cause two things: the BIOS settings which relate to the way your computer boots will be reset and you will start from the beginning when it comes to the boot, which is a thing which can solve this problem on its own.

If you have shut down your computer without taking out a CD or DVD from the reader or if you have left a USB device connected to your computer, a bug in the Windows operating system may cause it to try and boot from the device you have left, no matter what is actually located on it, hence the warning message.Conclusion: - In this article I explained what is DMI Pool Data in Computer and what to do when a system goes into BIOS error or hangs at the Verifying DMI Pool Data error message.I hope this effort will help you to resolve this error. Disconnect all drives not required to boot the computer. The floppy drive may be bad or not connected properly.

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