Updating bootcamp drivers

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Updating bootcamp drivers

The reason for doing this driver hack is for mainly stability reasons, Fallout beeing the one I'm referring to here.It crashes the drivers every so often and its a bit annoying.Windows 8.1 users, I suggest creating the modded driver file yourself (it only takes a minute! I plan on updating this post with links for premade drivers for both versions of Windows for Crimson 16.1, but at the moment the 16.1 drivers do not include any updates for the M370X.The latest version for the M370X is 15.300.1025.1001, dated 12/4/15 (that's what's above at echo.jatsby.com).Just make sure you keep getting the latest bootcamp drivers from the bootcamp assistant instead, I know it's a pain in the ass, but it's much safer, and you will still gain a few fps each update.You can always adjust the fans manually when gaming.

To keep your Boot Camp working with Windows 10, follow the steps listed below.How can I update the Driver to the actual Version 17.11.4?Error 0xc1900209 occurs when the windows fails to update, this is because another program or process is interfering with the upgrade/update process preventing Windows Update.Apple released Wi-Fi Update for Boot Camp 6.4.0 on Thursday, an update that patches two vulnerabilities for Mac users booted into Windows using Boot Camp.Both vulnerabilities allowed an attacker in Wi-Fi range to compromise your Mac.

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It is what I do anyways regardless if I'm gaming on windows or os x.

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