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Updating a recordset

In previous example, you learned how to add, update and delete records in a table by using SQL INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE statements.

3.1) Make sure that ns1is not busy short investigation we've clarified a following: bug is reproducible when another NS recordset is exists in the zone (if no any NSs - no problems with NS Pool update) and, as seen from IRC: Date: Thu Sep 24 2015 0200 Cleanup of Translations In preparation for the release, do some cleanups for translations.The record will be removed from a table, text boxes and list box.To have a form as the figure above, you have to create the form in Form Design.For the four command buttons Move First, Move Last, Move Next and Move Previous, we do not demonstrate in setting the properties and coding again.To learn how to move records in recorset, visit: moving records in Recordset object.

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- Clear command button is used to clear data in the two text boxes.