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for new iterations until unfinished work becomes the exception rather than the rule.

At some point, all teams will encounter a work item that greatly surpasses its initial estimation, pushing out other work.

If this becomes a common occurrence, the team should consider two preventive measures: Sometimes blockages can be avoided and other times they cannot.

Always include blocked items as part of your iteration retrospective so that you have an opportunity to improve your process and communication for the next iteration.

When using CA Agile Central Portfolio Manager, projects represent either work areas for portfolio and product managers or work areas for teams.

The current iteration is selected by default for the unfinished story.

In addition to fixing the start and end points of timeboxes, teams typically also fix the resources available within the timebox. If you do not remove the historical story from the feature parent, that feature's scope will be artificially inflated.

Tasks with a state of In-Progress and Defined display in the continued story. For the historical user story, we recommend that you: Splitting the story can affect your charts and statistics in the following ways: If you do not remove the historical story from the release as recommended, Release Scope and Release Burnup charts will never achieve 100% acceptance, due to the unfinished work in the A fixed period of time in which development is done for a deliverable.

For example, a team plans 20 points worth of work into their iteration, but are unable to complete one of the 5 point stories in the plan.

Prior to moving the incomplete story, the team's iteration correctly displayed that 15 points were accepted in the iteration, out of 20 planned.

Agile teams typically use the sum of story points associated to accepted user stories delivered in an iteration as their velocity calculation.

The total number of story points (or other unit type) the team estimates they can complete within an iteration or release. This total can be estimated by averaging the total number of story points successfully completed in past iterations or releases.

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