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Even in its early years, however, the Pacific Center offered support groups for trans people and gained a renowned reputation.Trans people were building their own spaces to meet each other and assist one another through transition.While Stanford is located in Palo Alto, CA, many trans people from the East Bay and beyond applied to the program. While Berkeley wasn’t directly involved with the case, Angela Douglas wrote into calling for the trans community to organize with her rights group called Eon Society in support of J. Unfortunately, insurance coverage wasn’t the only injustice facing trans people.Unfortunately, the program defined only a very specific set of people as trans so rejection rates were high, although the program was supposedly esteemed. Donald Laub, was involved in the California case J. v Lackner, which decided in favor of Medi-Cal coverage for trans healthcare. Anti-cross dressing laws were still legal, and trans people frequently were arrested just for being out in public dressed as they felt comfortable.

Their publications include one of the most significant examples we have of trans people creating community: it was a literal directory of not just organizations for trans people, but trans individuals themselves.

Often, the only way they could have access to medical transition, or even basic respect, was to prove that they were only trans because, medically, they had no other choice—which compounded with a cisgender fascination with trans people’s bodies to create a focus on medicalization.

And unfortunately, trans people needed to defend themselves not only to mainstream society, but also to the Left, including the gay rights and feminist movements.

As a result, all of the contact information listed by the directory was encoded—making it a safe way for trans people to publish their information, but inaccessible to those who didn’t know how to decrypt the magazine.

All of these publications filled a demand not satisfied by the numbers of trans people writing and advertising in the Bay Area’s most trans-friendly newspaper, and one of the most trans friendly in the nation at the time.

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