Top 10 most intimidating athletes

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Top 10 most intimidating athletes

It’s not that they are naturally frightening or serious (though that can be the case too), but there is something about them that makes them just naturally more inclined to see them as formidable, imposing and someone to obey.

That is, they can come off as intimidating without much effort if the part calls for it.

We’re keeping this to the guys other athletes were or currently are physically afraid of, guys who make (or made) their opponents tremble if you will. If you happen to want to celebrate, get in the tunnel first. He then said, and I remember this clearly, “Hmmpphgrrrr.” Then he walked away. How Ray Lewis has turned into the unofficial NFL mentor for troubled players is beyond me.

So, without further ado, here are the sixteen athletes I’ve chosen for the poll: Bob Gibson, Baseball Hank Aaron had this to say about Bob Gibson, “Don't dig in against Bob Gibson. And if he hits you, don't charge the mound, because he's a Gold Glove boxer.” There’s really nothing else to say except this – As a kid I once asked Bob Gibson for his autograph before a game at Crosley Field in The Natti. I swear to God I actually staggered back a few steps. Because, you know, he more than likely killed a guy or two a few years ago. Not only that, the dude turned on his friends on his way to a plea bargain that got him off. Still, this murderin’ snitch is a beast on the football field.

He is also quite the physical specimen, and despite his charming British accent, Elba has regularly played intimidating men, and they are on all points of the moral compass.

Sometimes he has been virtuous, like in In part because he always seems so serious off the camera and in interviews, Sean Penn can so quickly fall into any intimidating or dedicated role.

There are those actors that simply have certain auras about them, which can be good and bad.

Like the other men on this list, he is incredibly talented and worth the price of admission every time.

It’s not with his physical prowess like some other actors on this list, it’s his look and mannerisms.

There is something about Christoph Waltz that seems to suggest he is not having any of you.

That doesn't mean you want to be in any of these movies with him.

With Lawrence Taylor being in the news the last few days, it got me to pondering (big ponderer, me) - who are the all-time baddest, most intimidating athletes in sports?

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While he has played dramatic roles and love interests, and does those quite well, it seems Javier Bardem can so easily slip into something scary and deranged.