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Taran says of his time on the show that the greatest lesson he learned while shooting the series was that he did not want a life as an actor.

Years later, he appears to have held fast to this lesson.

That last one, coupled with the fact that he is the youngest and smallest of his siblings often made him the target for Randy’s and Brad’s mischief.

Mark is closer to his mother than the rest and has little to nothing in common with his father or brothers.

The show tells the story of Tim Taylor, his wife Jill, and their three mischevious boys as they wade through life’s trials and tribulations.

Tim, who is the lead character, is also a hardware enthusiast and television show host.

This is seen in her twin personality on the show where Jill Taylor is the voice of reason in the household and understanding to a fault, while also being meddling, and showing instances of poor judgment amongst other things.Before the show, the actress was on other projects like for two episodes.Bradley Taylor is the first born child of the Taylor household. Brad does not excel at school work, but he makes up for this with his athletic build and participation in sports, especially soccer.He also applies his physical attributes in other ways like bullying his brothers, especially Mark.His father Tim Taylor can relate to him better than the others because of their shared interests.

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Largely unexpectedly, the show that came on the air in 1991 went on to garner exploding viewership and rapidly became a family favourite.