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The dating goddess

Here are a few subtle details that you should use to attain a sex goddess status, without always taking a man to bed.

By appearing to be a lot more fun and chirpy, you may make it easier for guys to approach you.

Every man wants to be with a sex goddess and every woman wants to be one.

But then, who is a sex goddess really, and what makes her so different from the others?

Contrary to popular belief, a sex goddess doesn’t need a push up bra and three inches of cleavage popping out of her shirt all the time, nor does she have to wear a skirt that rides up every five minutes, well, unless you want to make it obvious that Gabrielle Solis is your role model.

To be a real sex goddess in a mysterious way, don’t wear revealing clothes all the time.

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Don’t make it obvious though, and try to behave like you normally do.

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