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And if I would not have been a clergyman but a murderer - it is a crime to torture a murderer, too. Sourwine: Are there any open churches in Rumania today, which anyone may attend? Political underground movements don't exist any more with us. And so everything has quieted down in the country, and so they don't need any more of the same terror.The Christian prisoners were tortured in a form which should mock their religion. One Sunday morning in the prison of Pitesti a young Christian was already the fourth day, day and night, tied to the cross. It was in the years of brainwashing, the 14th year of prison. Reverend Wurmbrand: Just I didn't finish this question. I have been for years in prison with thieves and murderers. They have stolen half of Europe, they have stolen Russia, too. And now they have what they have stolen and they are gentlemen and they expect the next occasion to steal again. Reverend Wurmbrand: I have worked for years secret missionary work among the Russian soldiers who occupied our country.My wife tells that they were angels; such have been put in prisons. Innumerable Orthodox and Protestants have been in prison, too.Senator Dodd: The point I was getting at - and I guess I did not make it clear - where the Christians treated any differently or mistreated any differently?

And so we have developed a technique of secret church work and so I could work. I had no salary, I had no regular salary but the Christians everywhere sustained me. Senator Dodd: You were rearrested in 1959, as I understand it. Senator Dodd: Could you describe for us the cell in which you were kept in solitary confinement? In solitary confinement I was the first 2, nearly 3 years. This lasted for half an hour the torturing of a woman.In Rumania the first question asked of a pastor or a priest of any denomination, is: Has he been in prison? Reverend Wurmbrand: Yes Senator Dodd: Were you kept in the same prison until your release in 1964? It was in the most beautiful building of Bucharest in the building of the Secretariat of State for Internal Affairs. And of 100 prisoners who had been in that cell, in that corridor, everybody recognized that it is his wife or that it is his girl. Never will a Westerner understand, if I would not have the mark on my body, which are my credentials.It is a building before which all foreigners stand and admire it. Senator Dodd: Excuse me, never will who understand? Reverend Wurmbrand: A Westerner can't understand God is here and knows that I will not tell you the while truth because if I will tell you the while truth, you will faint and rush out of this room, not bearing to hear what things have happened.Reverend Wurmbrand: No, no; we were transferred from one prison to the others. Reverend Wurmbrand: When I came out from prison in 1956, I was licensed to preach - of course, nobody can preach in our country accept he has a license from the Government - and in the beginning I got a license, but which was withdrawn from me after the first week of preaching. In a sermon I said that Christians must keep hope, because of the wheel of history turns....Senator Dodd: From 1956 to 1959 as I understand it, you exercised your religious function in spite of the law against such activity, did you not? "You meant us, that communism will change, that communism will fall.

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I am familiar with the nature of your testimony -- I think I am -- to an extent. "During the whole war he has been pastor of our mission in Rumania.