Swtor updating slow

Posted by / 09-Aug-2020 01:25

Swtor updating slow

This first round of PTS will not have a reward associated with it.Once we start the second round however, there will be a new PTS-only Achievement that will require you to complete five in-game group activities.In this fine Wednesday evening Bio Ware has brought back up the SWTOR Public Test Server for “Phase 1.5” with a new 6.0 Onslaught build on it.The highlights of this build include the new Adaptive Level Sync tech for Operations and Flashpoints, updated Test Dummies to their 6.0 values, Imperial Agents with their own new Ability, Set Bonuses and Tactical Items and more! Downloading or updating SWTOR’s PTS is usually a slow and painful task.If you qualify on that level, but still have troubles accessing it, check out my PTS Guide. It allowed you to play test the new Sith Warrior and Sith Inquisitor abilities as well as take a closer look at the new Item Rating 306 gear, set bonuses and some tactical items for the four advanced classes.

However, not every round of PTS will track progress towards these rewards, so keep your eyes peeled for more PTS blogs in the future.

Important note – none of the other Operations and Flashpoints are part of this test. Bio Ware even asks you to go test them too and compare how they feel next to the level sync/scaled EV, KP and HS.

Because testing the new builds, abilities and balancing is slowly coming to the front lines, Bio Ware has updated the are not available in Phase 1.5.

By re-leveling them to max level, we effectively have to rebalance them all over again.

This creates some obvious issues where FPs and Ops can quickly become too easy, or too hard.

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The Hammer Station is one of the first Flashpoints every new player attempts and it is by far the easiest and most popular for farming purposes.