Stars in the sky dating bristol

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Stars in the sky dating bristol

You enter a nearby city, for us, Bristol is quite adequate, and then point your ipad or phone to the sky to see where to find planets, constellations etc.

A handy search facility top left tells you what is currently visible for the date and time (not allowing for cloud cover!

This is a “potted version” of things that I have found on the Web; I hope you find it useful and Happy Stargazing…Maybe come and join us one day!

There is a wealth of useful information on the web., but remember to type in UK to make sure it is geared to the Northern hemisphere sky. ” or go straight to always use “Go sky watch P” which is a completely free app, easy to download.

The planets of our solar system orbit the sun in the same way that our planet earth does, but at different distances from it.

We therefore see the planets (and the sun) along a line called the Ecliptic, at different places in the sky depending on the time of year and time of night.

This is predictable but complicated as they are superimposed on the stars behind them which are much further away.

A good app is invaluable for telling you what you can hope to see and where it is!

Albireo, which marks the head of the swan, is much fainter than Deneb but beautiful to view through a telescope, when it can be seen to be actually two stars, one amber and a smaller blue green one, usually regarded as the most beautiful double star in the sky.

We take 365.25 days to orbit the sun, which is why we need a leap year every 4 years to catch up!

We have a slight tilt on our axis which is why we experience different daylengths in winter and summer and why the southern hemisphere is on average warmer than the northern hemisphere.

The Orion nebula is a glowing cloud of gas just below the belt and just visible to the naked eye.

The star to the top left is called Betelgeuse which also forms the winter triangle along with Sirius, below, the brightest star in the sky, and Procyon.

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In the south of an Exmoor Autumn sky the most distinctive constellation is Pegasus, with its box of four stars forming the body of a winged horse.

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