Stacy london dating life 14c dating problems

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Stacy london dating life

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Stylist and fashion consultant Stacy London is known for looking like she always has it together.

A former fashion editor at “Vogue” and “Mademoiselle,” fans got to know London from her role as co-host on “What Not To Wear,” the popular TLC makeover show that ran for 10 years from 2003 to 2013.

She wore a ladylike dress, had a streak of gray in her hair and was everything you hope for those who you admire to be: kind, empathetic, furiously smart, funny.

Following that came a sequence of interactions during which I got to know her better: a press preview, an industry dinner, direct messages back-and-forth over Instagram.

The flares were caused by physical and emotional stress, so I stopped wearing heels as much and changed my diet.I didn’t want to wear skin-revealing, body-conscious clothing as much, not simply because my body has changed but because I never wanted to look like I was trying to compete against younger women on whom those kinds of clothes can look fabulous. My style either reflects that power or it’s meant to coax it out of me when I’m not feeling it.I mean, I’m not counting myself out here, but I want to savor age and experience, not waste my time trying to hold on to what I looked like at 30. I wear suits when I want to look sharp and powerful. This is where I’m at now and I want to honor it.(Also, since my spine surgery five months ago, I’ve been wearing a brace. The answer is that I didn’t know it was a requirement. That could be a suit or something sparkly, depends on the day. The word is tricky and beauty is in the eye of the beholder, right?Roomy is easier and heels are out of the equation for now.)How do you deal with the awkward in-between of a style transition? What does your current style say — or what do you want it to say — about you as a whole? I guess I would have to say I feel much better when my roots don’t frizz.There are milestones in life, in anyone’s life, that require introspection and evolution. We’ve left the idea of “how to” dressing culture behind and have embraced more of a “me too” sense of style. I want to learn from her eye and improve my own.” The advice I give now is much more about understanding what someone wants to convey and feel, and I try to help them get there. Because my current style can actually be compared to my previous style, I guess I want it to say that I’ve evolved, I’ve mellowed, I have a stronger sense of myself. There are days I look in the mirror and think, “Oooh girl, get something FIXED.” But mostly I kind of watch myself age in wonder.

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I’ve also just always been a sucker for a good before-and-after.

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