Sophia myles and james franco dating

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This was Franchise Pictures' last film before bankruptcy.

At the same time, Marke's nephew and Tristan's close friend, Melot, resentful of his uncle's long favoring of Tristan, shows Wictred an old passage into the Roman foundations of Marke's castle.

Seeing this as weakness on Marke's part, the other kings also decide to part ways with him.

Marke is hurt and furious over Tristan and Isolde's betrayal.

Nine years later, Tristan has grown into a fierce, courageous warrior whose loyalty to Marke is that of a son to his father.

Tristan and other Cornish warriors launch an attack on an Irish slave caravan.

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Tristan is tormented by the guilt and burns down the bridge where he would meet Isolde.

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