Siwon dating sooyoung

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Siwon dating sooyoung

Yoona was rumored to be dating siwon yoona dating donghae,siwon,, taecyeon,nichkun, seo in. SM other members, only with Siwon, Yoona will be different. So are Changmin/Victoria, Taeyeon/Leeteuk, Yoona/Donghae all... He was also previously rumored fortnite matchmaking cooldown time to be dating Girl's Generation member Yoona.

Sooyoung/Siwon thing simply because Siwon dated Sooyoung's BFF.

But he has two other siblings so bear in mind how the inheritance will be divided.

😛 Lee Seo Jin isn’t just going to be inheriting money though.

This man has a Masters Degree in Business Management from New York University and is also the Director of Asset Management Company Veritas (hmm.. Relationship status: he had a 1 year relationship with actress Kim Jung Eun but they split in 2008.

Not sure if he’s single, but he’s definitely not married.

On a different note, Lee Seo Jin is good friends with fellow richie Lee Seung Gi.

Bi bo: Thng bo chnh thc YG, "Nhng tin nhn ca Seungri l gi mo. is yoona and siwon dating Let me lay it down for you.

And not only is he a great crooner, he also has a knack for real estate — with some serious million dollar listings under his name.

Did we mention that he is also incredibly easy on the eyes? Looks like having roots in a powerful girl band has its perks.

With an entertainment career spanning 17 years, it is no wonder Bo A has made our list!

Gaining fame with her chart-topping tunes for almost two decades not only locally, but Japan, and around the region as well.

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But the guy is 31 years old so you can draw your own conclusions.