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Her friend does something good in her story, say “she’s awesome”, and when some bitch does her bitch thing, say “that bitch”. If it’s her workplace drama for example, there’s usually zero you can do to help anyway.

Also a very high risk option is to tell her to “stop bothering me with all this and take it to your girlfriends instead”.

Women tend to be more emotionally fluid than men, and it can often seem to the guy like he’s been dropped into a verbal puking of half a dozen emotions and disconnected storylines. It’s low effort, but the cost is that more and more she simply feels like you don’t care about her.

Which is a fancy way of saying they need to talk when they come from work, or you come home from work when they’ve been home all day. The first potential mistake is to simply tune her out and ignore her.If you go to Universal, it’s completely worth it to stay in the on-site hotels.The benefit of walking distance to the parks, early access to the parks and the free upgrade to your tickets to the Express Pass completely rocks.It’s frustrating to her because you’re stopping the problem solving she was doing, which was simply clearing her head and feeling connected to you.The actual solution is to do what I call “Booing the Villians and Cheering the Heroes”. If you start hearing the same sad story of her failing or losing or whatever negative again and again, call attention to it as her making some variety of a Display of Low Value.

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It’s the sort of thing that if you really think about it, this is the way the entire country will be in about 15-20 years and it smacks of population control and Big Brother.