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In 1962 S-K and Lectrolite were purchased by the Symington-Wayne Corporation, and the tools began to be marked with the "S-K Wayne" trademark by 1964.Although the primary focus for this article extends only through the 1960s, we'll mention some later events in the interest of completeness.Most recently, in May of 2005 S-K was purchased by its management and once again operates independently as the S-K Hand Tools Corporation.In 1933 Sherman-Klove filed a trademark application for a logo showing "S-K Tools" inside a diamond shape, the design used as a decal or metal plate on their socket sets.According to Berland's, the impetus for S-K Tools came from the failure of Hinsdale Manufacturing, a major customer.When Hinsdale closed during the depression, it left S-K with a large inventory of unsold goods, and S-K Tools was formed to handle this inventory.In the early 1950s S-K formed an alliance with another tool company, the Lectrolite Corporation of Defiance, Ohio.

This ratchet mechanism was a radical improvement for its time, as the fine-tooth action was simple and reliable, and easy to mass-produce as well.

At some point Dresser decided to introduce a Kraeuter brand of sockets and drive tools, and these were presumably made by the S-K Tools division, based on the similarities in design and construction.

In 1985 S-K was purchased by FACOM, a French conglomerate, and operated as a division of that company for a number of years.

The filing listed the first use as December of 1932, and the trademark was issued as #318,718 on October 30, 1934.

For some reason, this trademark is not in the USPTO TESS database and so was not found until recently.

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Lectrolite had production capabilities for making drop-forged wrenches and handled that side of the business, while S-K concentrated on sockets and drive tools.

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