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Sex dating in llanbedrgoch anglesey

The new building includes a number of monuments from the old church, and has a spire which is a prominent local landmark.

One author has suggested that the mound alongside the path might indicate that the church is located in the site of a Bronze Age settlement.It is a Grade II listed building, a designation given to "buildings of special interest, which warrant every effort being made to preserve them", The date of first construction of a church in Llangaffo (a village in Anglesey about 5 miles (8.0 km) south of the county town of Llangefni) is uncertain.The village takes its name from the church: the Welsh word llan originally meant "enclosure" and then "church", and "-gaffo" is a modified form of the saint's name.Inside the church, the sanctuary at the east end is raised above the chancel by one step; the floor of the sanctuary and the reredos behind the altar are made from encaustic tiles.Fittings include a circular decorated 12th-century font and a 17th-century pulpit with carved decorative panels.

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