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We belong to a highly respectable educated and well to do family living in Delhi for last 90 years.

Her Father is a down to earth person and has done, from IIT Delhi.

some men admit frankly that they are unsatisfied and need women for sex and secret relationships because they cannot get satisfaction from their wives and that their marriages have become dull and insipid and almost dead (regarding physical relationship with wife ) and so they are seeking extra marial going to GIVE the contacts of women and housewives and aunties ??

They want to meet you in hopes of a love marriage or even just a relationship.

Once you have rapport and they trust you, chat them up using a chat app of their choice.

My salient point is technology is a tool, not a replacement for an authentic tête-à-tête and interrelationship bonding in the real rather than virtual world.

and if the provide then WHY are they giving the numbers of Telugu housewives ? Telugu guys just keep on mailing and asking " give me contacts , give me contacts" in a begging manner. they are unknown guys so how and why will anyone give Telugu desi housewives telephone numbers to them?? thats because they dont need chuthias and beggars and gutter class Telugu guys so they dont post their email ids or numbers anywhere .

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He has served at high level positions in private sector. Her mother is an educated, soft natured and a doting mother besides being the Principal of a government school in Delhi.