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For example, if your cat has a heart condition it would be advisable to find ways to keep the cat as calm as possible to avoid aggravating their heart.Or, a cat with a weak bladder might require extra trips to the airport bathroom or a quick change of bedding.Make sure that your cat is allowed into the destination area and verify what vaccination are required and suggested.

I wondered how she would handle the loud sounds and general stress of flying and wandering through a German airport. Would a hairless cat attract a lot of attention in the airport? Needless to say, I didn’t get much sleep that night!

Alice received a few bored glances from the TSA and security as I carried her in my arms through a scanning machine.

She was so quiet that no one seemed to even notice her.

I’d like to attribute Alice’s smooth trip to my preparation and probably a little bit of luck.

Other cat owners I’ve spoken with on the subject have said that their trips were much more difficult than mine.

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But instead she casually walked out of her carrier and stretched.

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