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You will always feel that you’re putting in more resources, time, and emotional energy than you’re getting back.If this is how you look at your relationship, you are going to lose.The most obvious level of course is physically cheating.If you see your boyfriend or girlfriend with another person, that’s obviously cheating.What makes us worth loving is how far we are from perfection.You have to keep this in mind when reading the discussion about Capricorns and relationships below.

This does nobody any favors because everybody suffers.

Make a clear point about the fact that you cannot be measured against something that doesn’t exist. The Capricorn is of course one of the most solid earth signs in the horoscope. You feel that your life is meaningless without goals. For every day you spend in a relationship that is obviously headed to a place you don’t want to go, you’re wasting a day of your life.

An ideal is an ideal because it’s in a world of ideas. You need to have that talk with your partner in the relationship. However, if you don’t share the same fundamental goals as your partner, you might be wasting your time in your relationship. Unfortunately, many Capricorns are so afraid of being alone that they try to duck this question. It’s much better for you to have a long, hard talk with your partner regarding goals.

There is no such thing as a perfect horoscope sign.

In fact, what makes us attractive is our imperfections.

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Obviously, that person is violating your trust, taking your for granted, and not giving you the respect that you deserve. In fact, cheating in broad terms doesn’t even have to be with other people. For example, if your girlfriend always compares you to her past boyfriend, that is a form of cheating as well.

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