Sarah slean dating

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Sarah slean dating

Our Lady Peace has performed Slean's "piano" version of their song in their own concerts.

Vocalist Raine Maida explained the origins of the piano version: "We’re gonna do a song from our first record now, that was given to us on a cassette tape, a very different version, from a girl named Sarah Slean from Toronto..." In October 2008, Slean performed at the first annual Canwest Cabaret Festival in Toronto.

Visitors to the new site were invited to sign up for Slean's new mailing list, and in doing so would be able to download a demo version of her newest single, "Get Home".

People who pre-ordered the new album from the new website's store also received a download to the non-album track "Parasol". The i Tunes version of the album included two additional non-album tracks, "The Rose" and "The Lonely Side of the Moon." In September 2008, Slean announced her intention to release the non-album tracks from The Baroness as an EP.

It can be noted that two record engineers have been nominated in the Recording Engineer of the Year category at the Junos for their work with Slean: Peter Prilesnik in 2005 for Day One, and Jeff Wolpert in 2012 for Land & Sea.

“Getting older is that liberating force,” she says.

“I no longer have to feel that my worth is tied up in some kind of image.

I see how other women [like Sarah Harmer and Neko Case] do it and I’m really inspired by that. I feel like music has been making the choice for me – it keeps coming to me.

But if it’s 10 years between the next record, then it’s 10 years. “What I’m not okay with is getting on the hamster wheel and trying to churn one out every two years and do the whole rigmarole.

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The series, which featured 20 Toronto artists, had her talk about performing at the Rivoli while attending the University of Toronto.

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