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Ryan phillippe dating

According to multiple sources, Phillippe couldn't resist the allure of other women and openly flirted with them at parties and Hollywood events.

) that a supposed friend of Phillippe said he "once spotted [Phillippe] at a party with some guy friends, and they were flirting with girls all night.

During the final years of their relationship, there were rumors that Phillippe had cheated.

No relationship can last if either partner has a wandering eye.Witherspoon echoed her ex-husband's statements in an interview with UK Elle Magazine (via ), "I was so, so young. That's a healthy way to look at it—especially since the pair had two children together during their seven-year marriage. With tabloids crafting new rumors everyday, it can be hard to navigate the ins and outs of the industry without losing your marbles every once in a while.While Witherspoon and Phillippe never seemed to be too affected by paparazzi or nosy fans, their publicity appears to have taken a toll on them. It's really hard to pick yourself up every day." Hearing negative gossip about yourself, your work, and your family on the regular must tear a person down, which certainly doesn't do any wonders for a relationship.An anonymous source told ) Witherspoon worried about her marriage when Phillippe was away for work, saying, "She hated being in LA with the kids wondering if Ryan was behaving." If Witherspoon had lost trust in her then-husband, it was likely only a matter of time until they split.After all, if you don't have trust, what do you have?

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In the late '90s, no celebrity couple held a candle to the romance between Hollywood A-listers Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Philippe.