Rules to dating a bodybuilder

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Every time Nataliya posts a photo of her online, she gets several comments.Some nice and encouraging, calling her an idol and inspiration, and others not so friendly.According to Nataliya, finding sponsors in Russia is not an easy task.She said that since female bodybuilding and powerlifting isn’t the most well-known in Russia, finding good sponsors is quite the difficult task.Nataliya has even stopped posting on social forums because she was receiving so many hateful messages.She has a Facebook and Instagram account, but she doesn’t post as much as she used to.Due to this great challenge, she has been forced to fund most of her expenses out of pocket, and she now has collected a large amount of credit card debt.Even though she doesn’t use her Facebook very often, Nataliya did go to Facebook in hopes of finding a sponsor, or any sort of donation.

Just last year, Nataliya became the world arm lifting champion and world bench press champion.She was sick of being called skinny and scrawny all of the time, and she decided that she wanted to gain more muscle so she started hitting the gym.Only two years later, she became a pro-powerlifter and won the title of Zabaikayle Region Champion.She puts even the biggest male bodybuilders to shame with her massive biceps, triceps, abs and legs.Literally, every part of this woman is pure muscle!

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She also holds the title as the European bench press and deadlift champion. However, although Nataliya is confident of her figure and proud of her achievements (as she should be! In an interview with Pro Secrets, she said that while in real life, no one would ever approach her to make fun of her or insult her, the internet is a different story.

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