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Rules dating catholic church

” as though I would smack my head and say, “Gee, why didn’t I think of that? People have commented, “But you seemed like such a happy couple.” That’s what we wanted you to think; that’s what we wanted to believe.

The bottom line is this: Such questions and comments just hurt, and they are unfair.

The divorce rate is anywhere from 50 percent for first marriages to 80 percent for subsequent marriages.

Perhaps, as a result, more and more couples are choosing to live together without bothering to get married.

When a marriage fails, no amount of effort, enabling or denial will save it.

I really am happy as a single person, and not at all lonely or bitter about the past because I choose to remain single.

The most important change is this: My relationship with God is better today than it ever has been.

When I was freed from an impossible, dysfunctional marriage, my relationship with God blossomed.

It is too easy for those who have never experienced the desperation and sorrow of a failed marriage to believe that “they could have done something to save it.” Let me assure you, the divorced Catholics I know (including myself) are spiritual, forgiving people who are committed to family and to the institution of marriage.

And they did all they could to save their marriages.

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I had some initial worries about my spiritual status when I began the process, but God quickly reassured and comforted me as I went through and beyond my divorce.