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They’re the real deal and thanks to their excellent training and support, I wake up every morning eager to work on my online business. Getting back to Affiliate Blogger Pro, there’s another thing you should know. Below is a screen shot from which shows the sales of Affiliate Blogger Pro. Rosalind Gardner has taken the wealth she made online and sailed into the sunset.

The figures on the left is an indication of the number of sales over an eight week period. I’m confident she’s a reputable woman and her books and training probably helped many people in the day, but times have changed.

The Word Press platform has changed dramatically over the years, but her training videos don’t show this.

In the training videos, the Word Press Dashboard looks entirely different than the current Dashboard. When I wanted some clarity on the Word Press issues, the only place I could ask questions was in the member’s forum, but there had been no activity in the forum for over a year.

The truth is, it’s darn difficult to find a sincere, honest and ethical teacher who can show you how to succeed online.

You can create a profile for free and check out the very interesting profiles escorts philipines all the other women.I was so impressed with this community that I cancelled my membership with Affiliate Blogger Pro and joined.Finding this new community was a blessing from the start.The internet has evolved through a g-zillion changes since then. Gardner made her fortune, Google was in its infancy.Now, Google is a highly sophisticated global behemoth and getting smarter by the second.

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I truly applied myself to her training, but soon lost confidence in the material. But there’s so much hype online and so many wolves in sheep’s clothing ready to rip you off with some bright shiny scam. If you want to succeed online, you need to be part of a living, breathing community that truly wants you to succeed. However, the training material within Affiliate Blogger Pro is outdated and there’s essentially no support.

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