Real life dating sim

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Stories range from coronations to New York vampires.

From discovering the mysteries that haunt a small coastal town to reuniting with a long lost twin with special powers.

The best dating sims are the ones that go against convention and surprise the player.

Doki Doki Literature Club is a dating sim that rose in popularity due to the intense twist that occurs halfway through the game.

Check the ratings and reviews for each game before downloading and playing it in order to avoid surprises.

Sunrider Academy is a game whose plot is dictated by the success (or failure) of one's romantic endeavors.

Many players encourage others to save as frequently as possible in case one makes a serious error and needs to restart a portion of the game due to the fact that its events occur within a set time frame.

Players will have to manage the day to day activities of the heroes club and life while also pursuing romantic plotlines with care and attention. True Love is one of the original dating simulation games.

In Yandere Simulator, players play as a young girl who has decided to bring a little truth to the old adage "If I cannot have him, then no one can" by literally eliminating anyone who attempts to pursue her object of affection.

Players are able to customize their character as well as a choose from a variety of romantic options in each story.

It is also important to note that the majority of the stories within this game allow players to pursue romantic interests of any gender.

Monster Prom is a sweet, quirky, and fun dating simulator that allows players to play as one of several monsters as they navigate the uneasy waters of high school.

Players will have numerous chances to boost certain stats in order to woo different monsters (as each monster has a preferred personality for potential partners) in time for the prom (which comes at the end of the game.) In a similar vein as Doki Doki, Yandere Simulator is a sickly sweet dating sim with a dark side.

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