Radgrid not updating after delete Free fuckbuddy chat sitr

Posted by / 10-Nov-2020 18:45

Radgrid not updating after delete

I decided to take a step back this morning and look at why, even though database inserts, updates, and deletes were working, I knew from testing that my Details View1_Item Inserted, Item Updated, and Item Deleted routines were NOT firing. From the main book of ASP that I've been learning from and from various tutorials and examples online, I didn't THINK I had to go POINT TO these routines in my definition for my Details View.

So, after adding those defintions in there, I was able to remove that "if Is Post Back" from my Page_Load routine...Here's my Gridview and Sql Source: " Select Command="SELECT * FROM notes, types, service_groups WHERE ended is NULL and closer is NULL and notes.type=types.type_id AND notes.svc_group = service_groups.group_id AND ((clocked_end is NULL) OR ((DATEADD(minute, 30, clocked_end)) > GETDATE() )) AND ((clocked_start is NULL) OR (clocked_start <= GETDATE())) ORDER BY CASE type_text_short WHEN 'Escl8' THEN 0 ELSE 5 END, mnemonic" protected void Details View1_Item Inserted(object sender, Event Args e) protected void Details View1_Item Deleted(object sender, Event Args e) protected void Details View1_Item Updated(object sender, Event Args e) And actually, I tried that one with and without the "not" (as the Google post I found on that seemed to have conflicting info on what it should be... -= Dave =- Maybe the changes are being made but not rendered to the brower. Encase your gridview under a Update Panel and set its mode to Conditional. Update() method to refresh your changes Nope, the gridview doesn't refresh.I put an Alert message in there and it actually seemed to pop-up "under the right conditions" when I left out the "not".) I'm not finding much else on possible solutions (although there do seem to be a lot of people who encounter this sort of issue). And I can no longer select a row and have it populate the Details View.I tried moving those closing tags to UNDERNEATH the Details View instead.... However, I can't add a new record anymore, because this has somehow "broken" a third-party pop-up date-time picker that I had linked to a required field. I can edit a record and when I'm finished, the Detailsview seems to update with the change, but not the Gridview.Perhaps I should look into just triggering a full page reload instead.

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