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Click the Download button, and you’ll be guided through the rest of the process.Don’t forget that this is preview software – it is not necessarily complete and should not really be installed on a computer that is needed for work or other important tasks.Getting Windows 8.1 installed is usually a two-step process – install and update to the Store app and then download the Preview software through the store – but there are a few extra stages if you find that this is not possible.The first thing to do is to grab yourself a copy of the initial update file.The other major issue with installing Windows 8.1 is with the patch file itself.When you try running the .exe, it may throw up an error saying “The update is not applicable to your computer.”The error may come up even if your computer’s configuration matches the system requirements of Windows 8.1.There are several ways to recover Windows 10 when your PC becomes not bootable.Among the top methods are the System Repair Disc, Recovery Partition, and USB Recovery Drive. Earlier, we covered on how to create your own Windows 10 USB installation media using Microsoft’s Media Creation tool.

It’s what the original Windows 8 should have been, with important improvements for both desktop and tablet users.

Open the command prompt in elevated mode (search for “command” in the Charms menu, right-click Command Prompt icon and choose Run as Administrator) and enter the following command: This will tell you the base language of your Windows 8 (it should be en-US).

To switch to a different language in Windows 8, open the Control Panel and search for “language.” Now choose “Add a Language”, expand the “English” group and choose US from the list (see how-to).

Type “y” (without quotes) and the patch will be installed.

Now when the machine restarts, you’ll asked to download the Windows 8.1 upgrade from the Windows Store.

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Kaspersky, the makers of the immensely popular Kaspersky Internet Security suite and anti-virus for Windows have come up with a free cleaning utility, compatible with Windows 10. Upgrading an OS is not always a smooth process, especially when you have purchased and installed several software on your current version of Windows.