Post dating invoices

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Post dating invoices

For example, if you did it to avoid taxes or push income into or out of a tax year, that's likely illegal.

If you do it so that an insurance claim can be made, that's illegal and called insurance fraud.

Invoice fraud is one of the latest methods fraudsters are using to get a hold of your hard-earned cash.

It goes something like this: a fraudster learns a bit about the person or business they want to extract funds from, including their location and the types of vendors they patronize.

false (but threatening) calls from the IRS, demanding payment and/or your social security number now.

Hopefully you are wise to these scams, and just deleted the emails and/or blocked those fake IRS calls.

I don't know if insurance covers you on an invoice date basis or a service date basis.

Pay now to avoid service cancellation.” And surprisingly enough, people and businesses sometimes pay these fraudulent invoices without a second thought.

According to a 2016 study, small to medium businesses in the UK lost an estimated9 billion pounds to invoice fraud.

Lying to your insurance company to gain coverage is, at minimum, a violation of your policy, and more likely insurance fraud. Is there something wrong that the client wants to go after you for, and is expecting insurance to pick up the tab?

If your contract with the client didn't require business insurance, then they can't require it as a condition of payment now. Or was the client rep supposed to only contract with an insured entity and now cannot prove that you were insured? And, don't your invoices reflect the dates of service?

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Then the fraudster impersonates a vendor and sends you a request for funds.

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