Polycom 330 updating initial configuration afghani dating meeting personals

Posted by / 16-Oct-2020 05:31

Polycom 330 updating initial configuration

Place the “Polycom Firmware Folder” inside the TFTP-Root Folder. TFTP Server address:, Polycom Phone address: back to your TFTP Application which should be open on your desktop. This is essential for the phone and the TFTP server to communicate with each other.

In order to perform a correct upgrade with files with Polycom Factory Default settings, DO NOT MODIFY ANY FILES.I have also ssh’d to the server and looked around in the /tftpboot folder and it’s sub folders such as /tftpboot/polycom/1.I see the config files, bootrom.ld, and the corresponding files but I can’t seem to find a log that will indicate a connection status error.It will just take a little time, some elbow grease and some hardware.To start this off let’s begin with the brains behind it all: the TFTP server, also known as, Trivial FTP server.

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