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Everybody needs company, no matter what their age is.No other community does more for the safety of its members than Stitch.Galleries and exhibitions, artists and art, photography, literature and books, performing arts and theater, musicals, ballet, museums, design, architecture.Cinema and television are classified as Entertainment.Health care, diseases and disabilities, medical care, hospitals, doctors, medicinal drugs, mental health, psychiatry, pharmacology, exercise and fitness, physical disabilities, vitamins and supplements, sex in the context of health (disease and health care), tobacco use, alcohol use, drug use, and gambling in the context of health (disease and health care), food in general, food and beverage, cooking and recipes, food and nutrition, health, and dieting, cooking, including recipe and culinary websites, alternative medicine.Information relating to the purchase or use of conventional weapons such as gun sellers, gun auctions, gun classified ads, gun accessories, gun shows, and gun training, general information about guns, other weapons and graphic hunting sites may be included.

You can expect the same simple, safe and easy-to-use experience whether you’ve got an i Phone, i Pad, Android phone or are using Stitch on a Mac or PC.

Marketing, commerce, corporations, business practices, workforce, human resources, transportation, payroll, security and venture capital, office supplies, industrial equipment (process equipment), machines and mechanical systems, heating equipment, cooling equipment, materials handling equipment, packaging equipment, manufacturing: solids handling, metal fabrication, construction and building, passenger transportation, commerce, industrial design, construction, building materials, shipping and freight (freight services, trucking, freight forwarders, truckload carriers, freight and transportation brokers, expedited services, load and freight matching, track and trace, rail shipping, ocean shipping, road feeder services, moving and storage).

Banner and pop-up advertisements that often accompany a web page, other advertising websites that provide advertisement content.

Websites dealing with gambling addiction are classified as Health and Nutrition. Includes explicit anime and cartoons, general explicit depictions, other fetish material, explicit chat rooms, sex simulators, strip poker, adult movies, lewd art, web-based explicit email.

Government-run lotteries are classified as Lotteries. Personal transportation, information about cars and motorcycles, shopping for new and used cars and motorcycles, car clubs, boats, airplanes, recreational vehicles (RVs), and other similar items.

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Websites promoting hatred, intolerance, or discrimination on the basis of social group, color, religion, sexual orientation, disability, class, ethnicity, nationality, age, gender, gender identity, sites promoting racism, sexism, racist theology, hate music, neo-Nazi organizations, supremacism, Holocaust denial.

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