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Similar to that of a tapestry, the landscape rises up in a picture plane as opposed to receding deeply into space.This illusion of a backdrop and a perspective theme resembling a stage, depicts the war as a theatrical ceremony.They may represent different times of day: dawn (London), mid-day (Florence) and dusk (Paris) – the battle lasted eight hours.In the London painting, Niccolò da Tolentino, with his large gold and red patterned hat, is seen leading the Florentine cavalry.The Uffizi panel was probably designed to be the central painting of the triptych and is the only one signed by the artist.The sequence most widely agreed among art historians is: London, Uffizi, Louvre, although others have been proposed.While the gold leaf, such as that found on the decorations of the bridles, has remained bright, the silver leaf, found particularly on the armour of the soldiers, has oxidized to a dull grey or black.The original impression of the burnished silver would have been dazzling.

Emily was an RA in the residence hall where Paolo lived. Emily works at New York University in the student affairs department.The dark horse in the Louvre panel, mounted by Micheletto Attendolo, can be seen painted in a tapestry, in the first segment ("Metzengerstein") of the 1968 omnibus film Spirits of the Dead.In the 4th Episode (Lucrezia's Wedding) of the 2011 TV Series The Borgias, the London and Louvre panel is shown adorning the dining hall walls of the Florentine Prince when cardinal Della Rovere visits him in Florence. 1: The focus is on Rachel - Forget how Phoebe's feeling; Rachel is the one the writers and everyone else cares about. In the rest of the show, Paolo hasn't shown up again. But the show's handling of the sexual assault on Phoebe highlights four troubling points.

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