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Outlook delegate calendar not updating

Please see Share Calendar: Outlook 20 for more information.I’ve been granted delegate access to the Calendar folder of my manager.The Permissions tab can be accessed by right-clicking on the folder you want to grant access to and the selecting Properties from the context menu that opens.There are various Permission Level templates to choose from; When using Outlook for Office 365 with an Exchange Online account, you’ll get a simplified permissions dialog which makes it easier and clearer to set permissions or see what permissions have been set.

This feature does not require you to share your password with your delegate(s).

When you would like to grant permissions to other default folders or subfolders, then you’ll need to set this via folder-level permissions as well.

Permissions which you set on or modify for a folder aren’t directly inherited by any subfolders; you’ll have to specifically set them on any subfolder as well if you want to allow access to it.

He uses various color coded categories for his appointments.

While I can see all his appointments when I access his Calendar folder, I can’t see any of the color coding anymore.

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Sharing: When sharing your calendar with editor permissions, you allow someone to create new meetings and make changes to your calendar on your behalf, but this person will not receive any meeting related emails.